Sunday, August 27, 2017

313th Meeting: Road Trip To A Happy Life

Filcom had yet another meaningful and interactive meeting (313th) led by the Toastmaster of the Evening, Joseph. With the theme, Road Trip To A Happy Life, the TMOE came prepared with a powerpoint presentation that showed the roadmap and cleverly related the 3 parts of the meeting to his 3 stops: Mind, Body & Soul. His Tour Guides were Grammarian Jessie, Timer Arun Paul & Ah Counter Philip.

Coming to the first stop, Mind, Joseph presented a house that has 3 rooms that must be unlocked to be happy: Who are You? What are your guiding principles in life? What are your holistic daily things to do? And what was amazing was Joseph, after every prepared speech, would reinforce the 3 rooms based on the speech topics that were as if formulated based on the theme. The first speaker, Anil, did his Ice Breaker Speech entitled Adaptability which is a guiding principle and the 2 advance speakers, Nadim and Kit, talked about Life Purpose and Mind Mapping respectively. Kit was awarded as the Best Speaker.

The second stop, Body, was the most fun part because here Joseph presented Transcendental Yoga, Eating Mindfully and Exercise for Feeling. Joseph even asked everybody to sit on the floor to try the transcendental yoga which was well-received and complimented to be effective in “mind/body cleansing”. The effect of it was evident when the Table Topics led by Farooq was, without a doubt, aced by the volunteers. Philip got the award for Table Topics after he wowed everybody with his on-point quip to the question, “What is happiness?”, where he even incorporated other volunteers’ answers to support his idea on contentment. Now only pros do that!

The 3rd and final stop was Soul. Joseph explained why people die even if they are still physically alive when you don’t manifest what your soul wants to do. And how would you manifest your soul? Joseph shared 3 ways: travelling, doing your passion and love. And the General Evaluator, Dennis, seemed to agree! In his evaluation of the overall flow of the meeting, he zeroed on in living our passion as public speakers by capitalizing on the feedback/evaluations. And the Best Evaluator, Noor, certainly did that!

In conclusion, Joseph highlighted that happiness is a way of travel, not destination! Sweet!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

312th Meeting: Speaking Towards Self-Branding

In today’s world where technology has become a vital component in our daily lives, from home to work, it is evident more than ever that we (in some sort) consciously or subconsciously promote ourselves online and even offline. And we do that through our posts (written or verbal communication) on our social networking sites, blogs & face-to-face meetings. Thus, it is crucial that we have that working knowledge on how we can effectively speak towards self-branding. Self-Branding is something that we all can benefit from as it leads to self-discovery and living life to its full potential.

Speaking Towards Self-Branding was the theme for the 312th meeting of Filcom International Toastmasters Club last night, August 12, led by a very energetic and smart Toastmaster of the Evening, Leo, who taught us the 3 main principles in self-branding: build trust, establish your expert status and gather feedback. He cleverly discussed each principle at each part of the meeting.

The first part was the Prepared Speeches wherein TM Malek from Joeng TMC was the first speaker. He is a natural comedian with his speech entitled Up In The Air, followed by a very motivational topic on how to live an authentic life by TM Rachell and capping off his 40th speech project to be a Distinguished Toastmaster, TM Farooq showed us how to handle crisis management with “Embargo”. In the end, TM Rachell was awarded as the Best Speaker.

In the Table Topics Session, the second part of the meeting, TM Joseph (also the VP-PR) did something for the first time in a club meeting, that was to go LIVE on Facebook. Six, brave volunteers took up the challenge and confidently answered some mind-boggling questions related to the theme (eg. Who are you? No, really) TM Arjay and TM Nadim seemed to have equally convinced the audience and both of them got the award for Best Table Topic Speakers.

Lastly, the third part of the meeting was the Evaluation Session led by TM Arjay. Here, all the speakers were given instantaneous feedback on their speeches by the assigned evaluators, the role players gave their reports and TM Arjay, as the General Evaluator, gave his overall assessment as to how the meeting was conducted and as always, Filcom did not disappoint especially our 5 guests. For this part, the Best Evaluator Award went to TM Viji who evaluated TM Rachell.


Our next meeting is on August 26, 217 in Tafawok Hall at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Doha Qatar from 6:45 – 9:00 PM.