Saturday, February 29, 2020

373rd Meeting: BeYouTiful!

Filcom International TMC373rd Meeting Summary29th February 2020“BeYouTiful"

Filcom's 373rd meeting was held on 29th February which will only reappear after four years, to make it more special, Filcomites arranged an open house for all of its esteemed guests.

Sergeant-At-Arms Fouad started Filcom’s 373rd meeting by reading out the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, President Dennis formally opened the meeting and warmly greeted the guests. Then the floor was handed over to the BeYouTiful Stella who served as the Toastmaster of the day. Stella introduced the theme "BeYouTiful” and encouraged everyone to recollect what makes them beautiful. Stella introduced the role players for the night: Manij as the Timer, Swetha as the Ah-Counter, and Dennis as the Grammarian.


Three Filcomites took over the reins of this segment. Diana moved everyone with her touching and thoughtful Christmas event conducted for the abandoned people beyond the bars. Leo Uplifted the spirit by elaborating on the hardships of his childhood and the resilience that his parents inculcated in him and his sibling. It was indeed a lesson, how to aim high and hit the mark. Joseph the Alchemist in his natural style left the batons and rose to a crescendo to inspire one and all by the strength of his character and unveiled the truth.


CJ took the baton of Table Topics Session. Five people proactively took up the challenge of this impromptu speaking session including three guests.


Dr. Farooq as General Evaluator introduced and called the evaluators, Deepti, Nadim and Shyam who gave their evaluations on their assigned speeches. Michelle gave a rapid evaluation of Table Topics. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and Dr. Farooq rendered his GE Report.

🏆Best Speaker – Joseph
🏆Best Evaluator – Shyam
🏆Best table topics speaker - Dilip (guest)

Saturday, February 15, 2020

372nd Meeting: Remontada!

Filcom International TMC
372nd Meeting Summary
15th February 2020

The Sergeant at Arms, TM Fouad Al-Fares, came to the venue early to set up the meeting room together with the Ex-com.

Four (4) valued guests did register for tonight’s meeting. However, the decline in member’s attendance is indeed noticeable, where only 15 had attended. Other members were noted to have served as role players in the Area Contest.


The meeting has started on time and then kicked off by TM Fouad Al-Fares, Sergeant of Arms, by reading the mission statement and stating the safety guidelines before handing over the stage to the President who has officially opened the 372nd Meeting. He has then requested the guests to introduce their selves individually before handing over the lectern to the TMOD, Nasser.

Nasser, the TMOD, has brilliantly started his segment by explaining the theme, “REMONTADA” which means “coming back” and played a video of a football team who have not given up and kept coming back until they succeeded. It was indeed engaging and inspiring.

The TMOD then introduced the role players by stating their ‘Remontadas’ before commencing with the prepared speeches.

Grammarian – TM Diana May Tangente
Timer – TM Raffy Gimeno
Ah Counter – TM Manij Lakhey


The first speech entitled, Make Your Holiday a Discovery, was delivered by TM Khadar Abdi Hanan, where he has shared to us his travel adventures in New Zealand and told us his thrilling experience of being bombarded by questions from the immigration officer in which he has answered calmly that let him successfully passed the checkpoint.

The first speech was evaluated by TM Satish Shah.

The second speech entitled, a Eulogy in honor for a Great Man, was delivered by TM Nadim Bitar, where he had opened his heart that is full of compassion and love to his late friend/colleague who just passed away a few days back. His speech indeed was so moving as it was genuine and with pure love.

The second speech was evaluated by TM Diana May Tangente.

The third speech, an in-situ speech, was delivered by TM Joseph Amande. And once again, have proven how seasoned speaker he was. Part of his project is to let the audience ask a question and he will deliver his impromptu speech where he has easily and creatively responded by a well-structured speech and carefully selected wordings. He has then successfully completed his project with flying colors.

The third speech was evaluated by TM Shyam Sundar.

The TMOD has concluded the Prepared Speeches and handed over the lectern to the Table Topics Master.


TM Michelle Macaraig has chaired the Table Topic Segment where she first explains the mechanics for the benefit of the guests.

Table Topics was hidden in each number where the volunteers have to choose from and answer accordingly.

Five (5) Volunteers have willingly taken the stage including 2 of the guests and spontaneously answered the chosen questions and it was indeed fun.

TM Joseph Amande evaluated the Table Topics segment.

The TTM has then concluded the segment and handed back the lectern over to the TMOD.


The Evaluation Segment has then commenced after a 10-minute break where the General Evaluator, TM Mohammad Farooq, then called his evaluators and role players to report their observations on the meeting.

The audience was then called to vote for the best evaluator and best segment host of the evening.

The Winners for tonight’s meeting was then announced and awarded with certificates as follows:

🏆 Best Speaker Award – TM Nadim Bitar
🏆 Best Table Topics Award – TM Mohammad Farooq
🏆 Best Evaluator Award – TM Shyam Sundar
🏆 Best Segment Host – TM Mohamed Naser