Saturday, September 14, 2019

362nd Meeting: Pointe' It Out!

Filcom International TMC
362nd Meeting Summary
14th September 2019
“Pointe’ It Out!”

Sergeant-At-Arms Raffy started Filcom's 362nd meeting by bringing a ballerina out of all and made everyone reverberate the club mission and meeting protocol in unison. Right after, acting President Diana formally opened the meeting and warmly greeted all the guests. She then gave the floor to prim and proper Shyam to let the cat out of the bag. After the election Dennis was inducted, It was a moment every Filcomite was curiously waiting for and Dennis Mujana took over the reins as Filcom's new president. In continuum, there were few announcements and voting by Rechell our VP membership and the dias was handed over to our grandiose Toastmaster of the Day CJ Rojas, who introduced the theme "Point it out!" where he delineated the salient information about Ballet. CJ introduced the role players for the night: Asmaa as the Timer, Michelle as the Ah-Counter, and Viji as the Grammarian.


Four smashing Filcomites took up the challenge to deliver their respective speech projects. Nasser broke the ice and came out with an axiom by his mother " In life, it is not important what you have, it is important what you give" followed by Tag smashing the ice again with a thought-provoking question "Who am I?" a spiritually encircled speech. Nadim as usual in his distinctive style introduced the concept of Enneagram and certainly created a Nadim Class. Newly elected President Dennis accomplished his CC Manual level 10 by revealing the secret ingredients to learning.


Deepti, the Table Topics Master gave her own twist for this segment. it was a time to decode the Proverbs. Guest Salahuddin, Shweta, and Sahar willingly volunteered to wear the thinking hat and gave their insight on the wisdom behind their given proverbs.


Phillip Cherian took the baton of Evaluation Segment. He introduced and called the evaluators, Kush, Bilal, Ayman, and Leo, who gave their evaluation on their assigned speeches. Sahar also evaluated the Table Topics Segment and Table Topic Speeches. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and Philip rendered his GE Report.

🏆Best Speaker – Nasser
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker – Guest Salahuddin
🏆Best Evaluator – Leo
🏆Best Segment Host - Cj