Sunday, January 31, 2021

394th Meeting: Boost Your Confidence


May be an image of 1 person, hair, standing and text that says 'FILCOM INTERNATIONAL TOASTMASTERS CLUB TOASTMASTERS WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE MEETING NO. 394 BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE With Toastmaster of the Day JOSEPH AMANDE, DTM Saturday, 23rd January 2021 7:00 PM 9.30 PM (GMT+3) ZOOM 650 453 4428 PASSWORD: FILCOM DISTRICT116 CLUB7847 AREA DIVISION PATHWAYS'  

Filcom International TMC
Meeting Summary
23rd January 2021
Boost Your Confidence
Word of the Day: Energized
Filcom's 394 meeting was held on 23rd January 2021 via Zoom.
The meeting began with the Sergeant-At-Arms Fouad Al-Fares reading out the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, President Diana May Tangente formally opened the meeting and warmly greeted the guests. Then the virtual floor was handed over to the Toastmaster of the Day, Joseph Amande, DTM who shared the essence of life and energised everyone with his unique way to describe public speaking. He boosted all attendees confidence by explaining the importance of three "C" which are Competence, Courage and Contribution respectively.
He introduced the role players for the night: TM Manij Lakhey as the Timer, TM Yvonne Obaob-Cabang as the Ah-Counter and Hieu Huynh, DTM as Grammarian.
3 speakers took over the reins of this segment.
1. TM Khadar Hanan– “Educate a child”. He took his audience through a journey of a charity Organisation who worked for a rural community. Their motive was to support children with basic needs and especially education. It became a successful organisation and its journey still continues till date.
2. Leo D. Ortega, DTM -“Take the lead” -How leaders face challenges and overcome them by distributing work among team. It all depends on what kind of leadership you follow. He emphasised on the fact that "Today you follow and tomorrow you lead".
3. TM Diana May Tangente- “To Give and To Take” - She explained about different kind of communication skills and how we use it in our daily life effectively.
Table Topics session was presented by TM Shyam Sundar:
1st Topic by guest Toastmaster Jorge - Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep
2nd Topic by guest Anthony - You dont have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.
3rd Topic by Toastmaster Rinku - If not now when
4th Topic by guest Irene - Dream it and do it
5th Topic by Toastmaster Julia - Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
TM Rinku Saha was the general evaluator and introduced TM Swetha Raghuraman, TM Fouad Al Faris and Grace Moran, DTM respectively , who provided their evaluations on their assigned speeches. TM Philip Cherian evaluated all Table topic speakers in a very effective manner. The role players also provided their reports.
🏆Best prepared speech Speaker: TM Diana May.
🏆Best prepared speech Evaluator: DTM Grace Moran.
🏆Best Table Topic Speakers: TM Jorge and Guest Irene .
🏆Best Segment Host: Toastmaster Of The Day DTM Joseph Amande.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Filcom Takes it to the Stars!


May be an image of text that says 'Area25, 25, Division G, District 116 TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL AD ASTRA "TO the stars The Area 25 Speech Contests OOREDOO HAMAD FILCOM INTERNATIONAL JANUARY 15, 2021, 2PM Zoom Meeting ID: 835 6941 4653 Password: STARS 2021 (TAC-G 2021) Syner February 21:30 19:30 25 26 14:00 18:00 February ID: 188420297 ZOOM'

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” – said by Casey Kasem. Filcomites stayed online but shined brightly and reached for the stars in the Area 25 Toastmasters Annual Speech Contest 202. The contest with the theme AD Astra was held online for the first time via Zoom on 15th January 2021. The champs of each club in Area 25 – Filcom International, Ooredoo and Hamad Toastmasters club, faced-off using their serious analysis, tongue-in-cheek replies, motivational messages, and comicality that they’ve mastered as Toastmasters. It was the most anticipated contest and the virtual stage each Toastmaster determined to conquer – Per aspera ad astra, i.e., through adversity to the stars.

The first contest was the Evaluation Contest where test speaker delivered a speech and evaluations were delivered by the contestants. Grace Moran, DTM was the evaluation contest chair who shined with glam and poise virtually. In the end, it was Joseph Amande, DTM who emerged victorious and impressed the judges with his comprehensive evaluation, and Swetha Raghuraman bagged the second place for her motivating and analytical assessment of the test speaker’s speech.

Following by the Evaluation Speech Contest was the Humorous speech contest, drowned the audience in laughter as each contestant dueled with humor. Deepti Potnis, the humor queen of Filcom was the contest chair for the Humorous Speech Contest. Leo Ortega, DTM made his audiences and judges laugh till their stomach hurt. He bachelorhood story with vodka shots blew away everyone with laughter and joy, through his speech “Why Single?”. He was declared the first-place winner. Rinku Saha rocked the virtual stage and snatched the second place as she shared her fun filled adventurous love story “Fall in Love” .

Next was the Table Topics Contest where contestants competed with their quick-thinking skills. The enthusiastic Michelle Macaraig took over the reins of this segment as the Contest Chair. It was Stella Sabangan’s justified opinion on the selected topic and punchy conclusion showcased her as the wittiest as she reached to the top. Joseph Amande, DTM followed suit by taking the second place.

Last but not the least was the icing on the cake - the International Speech Contest in which the contestants warred with words in the battle to find the most inspirational speaker of them all. Beautiful and bubbly, Mai Abu-zainah of Hamad Toastmasters served as the Contest Chair of this segment. It was Joseph Amande, DTM who emerged as the most Inspirational speaker of as he persuaded his audience how to remove their judgmental inner “Mask” that won judges and the audiences hearts. The charismatic CJ Rojas reminded everyone - “You are Shining” no matter what role you do as he emerged as the first-runner up.

Along with the contestants were our stalwart Filcomites, without whom this area contest wouldn’t have reached the stars. The proud Area 25 Director Felipe Catinoy welcomed the Toastmasters dignitaries and guests and cheered for the winners and participants towards the end for the successful contest. Diana May Tangente dazzled and entertained everyone as the Master of Ceremonies. The meticulous and jolly Filcomites - Michelle Macaraig and Yvonne Cabang were the timers and timed the contest to perfection. Ever-smiling and diligent Filcomites – Satish Shah and Felipe Catinoy served as the Tally Counters.

Filcomites took it AD ASTRA as the club prepared to  grow and glow at the SynerG division contest on 25th and 26th February 2021! Shine on, Filcomites!

May be an image of 12 people and text that says 'Area 25 Division District 116 AD ASTRA The Area 25 Online Speech Contests TOASTMASTERS 1st Evaluation Congratulations! 2nd 3rd Joseph Amande, DTM Swetha Raghuraman Yoonas Cherachamveeti 1st Humorous 2nd 3rd Leo Ortega, DTM Rinku Saha Topics Table 1st Regina Kunhammed 2nd 3rd Stella Sabangan Joseph Amande, DTM International 1st Davar Dattawala 2nd 3rd Joseph Amande, DTM Jann Carlo Rojas Regina Kunhammed'

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Filcomite of the Month - December - Ginalyn Garcia


"My feelings are too loud for words, And too shy for the world." ~ Dejan Stojanovic
TM Ginalyn, might come across as shy at first but what makes her special is her ability to listen and empathize. Today, She is beautifully emerging like a butterfly from a coccoon and is becoming more and more natural in her communication!
Here's presenting the Filcomite of the month of December ~ Ginalyn Garcia💫🦋🤩

393rd Meeting: What's New?


May be an image of 3 people, hair and text that says 'TOAMSERS WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE FILCOM INTERNATIONAL TOASTMASTERS CLUB CLUB 7847 AREA 25 DIVISION G DISTRICT 116 TOACTMACTEDS PATHWAYS learning experience MEETING NO. 393 What's New? TOASTMASTER OF THE DAY LEO ORTEGA, DTM Join us on our first-ever Hybrid Meeting of the year! Saturday, 9th January 2021 7:00 pm 9:30 pm (GMT+3) Zoom D: 650 453 4428 Build a Better You!" TheFilcomites Password: FILCOM Holiday Inn Doha The Business Park Linkedin For more details, contact VP Membership at Filcom International Filcom International Toastmasters Club 974 3310 5723.'   May be an image of 4 people, people standing, people sitting and food

May be an image of 8 people and food May be an image of 5 people, people standing, food and text that says 'THE CORUSCANT TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL Shyam Sundar ETT'

Meeting Summary
9th January 2021
What's New?
Word of the Day: Coruscant
Filcom's 393rd meeting took place in a Hybrid Format Zoom.
The meeting began with the Sergeant-At-Arms Fouad reading out the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, President Diana May formally opened the meeting, and warmly greeted the guests.
Then the floor was handed over to the Toastmaster of the Day, Leo Ortega, DTM introduced us to the theme "What's New?".
He also introduced the role players for the night: Dennis Mujana as the Timer, Manij Lakhey as the Ah-Counter and Yvonne Obaob-Cabang as the Grammarian.
2 Filcomites took over the reins of this segment.
1. Diana May Tangente taught us how to "FLY!".
2. Deepti Potnis gave a eulogy through her speech "Rest In Peace".
Table Topics are presented by the vivacious Table topic Master Michelle Macaraig. It was Dr Violet V Cuffy, Joy, Joseph Amande, DTM, Khadar Hanan, Nadim Bitar, Dennis Mujana and Fouad Al Fares, who took up the challenge as the Table topic speakers.
Joseph Amande, DTM took up the challenge as a General Evaluator and introduced Shyam Sundar and Philip Cherian, respectively , who provided their evaluations on their assigned speeches.
Thereafter, the role players rendered their reports.
🏆Best Speaker– Diana May Tangente
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker– Dr Violet V Cuffy & Joy
🏆Best Evaluator - Shyam Sundar
🏆Best Segment Host – Joseph Amande & Leo D. Ortega

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Filcomites Dazzle Online!

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull” as quoted by W.C Fields. As the contest season begins, so does the preparation  behind the scenes, within the scene and beyond it. Filcom is no exception and dazzles in every single aspect of the contest prep. However, contest preparations during the current term were relatively easier to prepare for.  Filcom held the first-ever Club Contest online. Although, what was missing was the absolute stage experience where the contestants, role-players and the audience could have enjoyed a live stage experience in person.  However, the experience that never left the contest was a moment, a microphone and a spotlight to shine! The thirst for this shining moment, became the theme of Filcom’s club contest – DAZZLE. Dazzle Part 1 and Part 2 took place on 12th and 19th of December respectively.

Reins of the club contests were in the able hands of Filcom’ s ever enthusiastic and dazzling – TM Dennis Mujana, Immediate Past President and TM Michelle Macaraig, Club Treasurer during the Part 1 and Part 2 of the contest, respectively. The were supported by ebullient role players. TM Philp Cherian and Pavithra Philip, DTM to the helm of the Chief Judge during the Part 1 and Part 2 of the contest, respectively. Kit Barritt, DTM served as the Zoom Master who guaranteed the ultimate online contest experience.

The Part 1 of the contest has given us many heart-warming and inspirational stories, and, made us realize the power of Feedback i.e., the International Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest, respectively. The Contest Manager – TM Dennis Mujana, opened the Contest and TM Michelle Macaraig took the virtual screen as the Master of Ceremonies. Along with her were the International Speech Contest Chair – Grace Moran, DTM and Evaluation Contest Chair – TM Alaa Afify.

Six Dazzling Filcomites competed in the International Speech Contest – Joseph Amande, CJ Rojas, Leo Ortega, Diana May Tangente, Hieu Huynh and Rinku Saha. These Filcomites bedazzled us through their inspirational stories. In the end, Joseph emerged as a winner followed by CJ as the first runner up and Diana as the second runner up.

Following the International Speech Contest was Speech Evaluation Contest. Eleven enthusiastic Filcomites competed in this segment – Joseph Amande, CJ Rojas, Leo Ortega, Diana May Tangente, Hieu Huynh, Fouad Al Fares, Deepti Potnis, Shyam Sundar, Swetha Raghuraman, Stella Sabangan and Nadim Bitar. The test speaker presented an informative speech and all the contestants reminded us about the importance of Feedback. It was Joseph who bagged the first place, followed by Swetha and CJ as the second and third place winners, respectively.

The Part 2 of the contest gave the audience lots of laughs and tested our quick-thinking skills i.e., Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest.  TM Michelle Macaraig filled in the shoes of a Contest Manager and the entire show was run by TM Vidal Bagas as the Master of Ceremonies. Vidal was supported by two vibrant Filcomites :  TM Ginalyn Garcia as the Humorous Speech Contest Chair and TM Dennis Mujana as the Table Topics Contest Chair.

Six funny-boned Filcomites contested for the Humorous contest – Joseph Amande, Leo Ortega, Diana May Tangente, Hieu Huynh, Rinku Saha and Deepti Potnis. All the contestants made us gag and proved that laughter is indeed a best medicine.  Joseph triumphed once again, followed by Rinku and Deepti.

The final segment of our club contest was the Table Topics Contest and this time seven spontaneous Filcomites contested – Joseph Amande, Leo Ortega, Diana May Tangente, Hieu Huynh, Deepti Potnis, Swetha Raghuraman and Stella Sabangan, and tested their wits on the topic – “ Less is more, or more is less. What is your choice? All the contestants were spontaneous and articulate in this session. Once again, Joseph waltzed to victory by being placed first, Stella as the first runner up  and Diana becoming the third runner up. All is well that ends well! Both Part 1 and Part 2 was as galvanizing as the other. All the contestants, role-players and many who worked behind the scenes have Dazzles and Bedazzled everyone! So what’s next? The area contest/ division contest or the District. Wherever it is and Whatever we do. The Filcomites are all set the Dazzle again!