Saturday, January 26, 2019

347th Meeting: Brave Part 2 (Club Contest)

BRAVE (Being the Real Authentic Version of yourself is Empowering) Part 2 took place last January 26, 2019 showcasing the last 2 categories of this year’s club contest: the ever nerve-wracking Table Topics & laugh-provoking Humorous Speech contests.

The meeting was called to order by the SAA, Elmar Recablanca, who briefed the audience with the protocols and reminded everyone of the club mission. He went on to introduce the Club President, Leo Ortega who declared the contests officially open, addressed and welcomed the members and guests.

Before calling the contest Toastmaster of the Day/MC onstage, Leo lead the launching of the official Filcom logo. ‘The Filcomites’ logo designed by the current Club VPPR, Diana, went on a detailed review by Toastmasters International Branding Committee and was approved.

TMOD/MC Jessie set things in motion as she introduced the theme and effortlessly connected with the audience with her vibe and enthusiasm.

The first contest was the Table Topics. DTM Luis Caetano served as the Contest Chair with an interesting topic: “Forget the mistake; Remember the lesson”. Seven brave souls battled on stage one by one and gave their personal interpretation and take on the topic. They were Jann Carlos, Diana, Leo, Joseph, Nadim, Satish, and Arjay. Afterwhich, all were awarded with Certificates of Participation acknowledging everyone’s effort in gearing up for the impromptu speaking challenge.

After a short break, Humorous Speech Contest took place. Ganesh Rajamoorthy, serving as Contest Chair put the audience in an exciting mood as he introduced 3 comedic Toastmasters to compete and be this year’s ‘Best Humorous Speaker’. The first contender was Manij with the speech entitled “I Do Not Know” to which he gave a detailed account on how he prepared for the contest. Next was Dennis with “Bam! I’m The Man” with his anecdotes about his friend who has a deep attention to details and loves discount shopping. Finally, Mehdi with his “Marriage Mirage” shared his lessons learned from his friend and father on the idea of being happy through marriage. Certificates of Participation were also awarded by the Contest Chair.

After the two exciting, thought-provoking and hilarious competitions, the panel of judges led by Chief Judge Shyam Sundar released the results of the winners as follows:

Table Topics Speech Contest
First Place - Joseph Amande
Second Place - Arjay Diego
Third Place - Nadim Bitar

Humorous Speech Contest
First Place - Mehdi Ben Maaouia
Second Place - Dennis Mujana
Third Place - Manij Lakhey

During the Business Session, the Club President, Leo acknowledged the presence of each and every toastmaster and guests who made time to attend the meeting/contest and thanked them for gracing the occasion. He then handed over Certificates of Appreciation to all the men and women behind the scenes (Contest Committee) who significantly contributed to the flawless and successful staging of this year’s contests. He also announced that the Area 12 Speech Contest will be held on Feb 15, 2019 at Holiday Inn Hotel. Only the first place winner in each category will move forward to the Area Contest. Leo finally declared the contests close followed with a mandatory photo-op. 😎

Contest Manager- Rashed Al Nasaa
Chief Judge - Shyam Sundar
Contest Chairs- Luis Caetano & Ganesh Rajamoorthy
TMOD/MC - Jessie Botero
SAA- Elmar Recablanca & Charbel Elia
Timer - Azhar Taslim
Tally Counter- Rechell Mejoc

Congratulations to all the winners. Surely, nobody went home defeated as the experience to participate in a contest is an act of bravery and already a success story.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

346th Meeting: Brave Part 1 (Club Contest)

Filcom International Toastmasters Club started the year with the most anticipated annual club contest where members challenged themselves to go beyond their comfort zones. This year's theme, BRAVE, best fits the contests in all senses. Being the Real Authentic Version of yourself is Empowering. 🔥

SAA Dennis Mujana set everyone's excitement and introduced President Leo Ortega who declared the contests open, followed by TMOD Viji Ravindran described the flow of the program.

The Evaluation Speech Contest chaired by Rashed Al Nasa'a, called for 5 BRAVE Toastmasters - Leo Ortega, Shyam Sundar, Nadim Bitar, Joseph Amande, and Diana Tangente, who took the challenge to evaluate Sushma Harish's speech entitled “Know Your Cacophony”.

The second competition, the International Speech Contest was chaired by Arjay Diego. Seven courageous speakers showcased their public speaking prowess in their inspirational speeches.Diana May Tangente started off with "Love Strong", followed by Jann Carlo Rojas' piece "Be Here, Not There", Afajal Ahamad's "Set The Prisoner Free", Joseph Amande's "Stand Tall", Jessie Botero's "Solo" and Rechell Mejoc's "Break Open".

With the panel of judges led by Chief Judge Manzoor Moideen, the winners for the two competitions were decided.

🥇Evaluator First Place: Shyam Sundar
🥈Evaluator Second Place: Diana May Tangente
🥉Evaluator Third Place: Leo Ortega
🥇International Speech First Place: Joseph Amande
🥈International Speech Second Place: Afajal Ahamad
🥉International Speech Third Place: Jann Carlo Rojas

It was an empowering night and everyone went home a winner bringing with them inspiration, growth, and wisdom. Congratulations to all the contestants, winners, and role players who did an amazing being BRAVE! 💪

Role Players
SAAs - Dennis Mujana and Elmar Recablanca
Timekeepers - Ganesh Rajamoorthy and Satish Shah
Tally Counters - Manij Lakhey and Sahar Gurab