Saturday, August 25, 2018

337th Meeting: Make It Happen

A toastmaster’s journey is made more worthwhile when growing along fellow toastmasters. As such, Filcom, for its 337th meeting, partnered with IIEE-SQC. Together, we made it happen!

TM Carlos Bautista set the meeting in motion as the Sgt-At-Arms. TM Leo Ortega (Filcom) and TM Roderick Pajes (IIEE-SQC), as Club Presidents, officially opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. TM Danilo Sanchez who served as the TMOD launched the meeting theme “Make It Happen” and then introduced the role players who explained their corresponding roles. TM Edgar Santos served as Grammarian, TM CJ Rojas as Ah-Counter, and TM Elmar Recablanca as Timer.


Three dauntless speakers stepped up to deliver their respective Pathways projects. TM Lauren Olivos, in his Icebreaker speech “Sheep in a Lion’s Den”, transformed into a “lion” as he roared against his fear of public speaking. TM Afajal, in his speech “Those Unimportant”, introduced an honest and eye-opening perspective on how low-paid office workers such as our teaboys are often undervalued and taken for granted. Meanwhile, TM Diana Tangente, in her speech “Something More”, talked about happiness and living a meaningful life.


The most stimulating segment of the meeting made room for toastmasters to face their fear of impromptu speaking. TM Anahi Brown as the Table Topics Master, dared everyone to answer questions on social causes. DTM Kit Barritt, TM Robert, TM Lyndon Ellevera, TM Leo Ortega and TM Jimmy Bugay, took up the challenge and bravely spoke their perspectives on social issues.


The third part of the meeting was led by DTM Kit Barritt as the General Evaluator. TM Lornalyn Tallod, TM Jimmy Bugay, and TM Leo Ortega acted as the speech evaluators of the prepared speeches, while TM Fouad Al-Faris evaluated the Table Topics. The role players delivered their corresponding reports, and DTM Kit, his general evaluation.

At the end of the meeting, that according to TMOD Danilo Sanchez was, full of fun, learning, and excitement, the audacity of certain toastmasters were recognized: DTM Kit on Table Topics, TM Leo on Evaluation, TM Anahi on Segment Host, and TM Diana on Prepared Speech.

On the other side of fear are the things that we truly want. It is only by believing in ourselves, and doing things we aren’t comfortable doing, can we truly grow and achieve greater things. Whatever it is that you want to do, attain, or reach - MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

336th Meeting: Summertime

With lovely lei ornaments and toastmasters dressed in bright colors and florals, it’s definitely a summer to remember for Filcom! Sgt.-at-arms Ganesh welcomed everyone and gave the floor to President Leo who officially set the meeting in motion. DTM Kit, as Toastmaster of the Day, introduced the meeting theme in an interesting and interactive online platform which intensified everyone’s summer energy. After which, he introduced the role players: Philip as Grammarian, Vidal as Ah-Counter, and Afajal as Timer.


The first segment of the Filcom’s 2-hour summer staycation was the prepared speeches session. The first two speakers, Rashed and Rechelle, delivered their Pathways ice breaker for the Dynamic leadership path. Rashed with a speech entitled Self Portrait – Watercolour on Paper, introduced himself to the audience though his creative self-portraits. Rechelle, on the other hand, shared her stories of struggles to success, in her speech “Rice Cake”. The last two speakers, Viji and Jessie, delivered their 6th and 7th project, respectively, for their Competent Communication Manual. Viji, with her “Speaking From The Heart” speech, entertained everyone with her amusing anecdotes. Meanwhile, Jessie moved the crowd with her research project on depression entitled “Beyond Sadness”.


The second segment, led by CJ, was the Table Topics Session. He brought the vacationists from the comforts of the seashore, to the exciting world of pageantry. The brave contenders, Joseph, Dr. Farooq, Guest Golda, and Philip, had the chance to answer the famous questions from the Q&A segment of Miss Universe. After the nerve-wracking pageant segment, the room transitioned again to the summertime stage for the refreshments and socials.


The third segment was headed by Ganesh, being the General Evaluator. Joseph, Diana, Shyam, and Nadim served as the respective speech evaluators of the prepared speeches. The role players delivered their reports, and Ganesh, his general evaluation.

To complete the summer vibes, the winners for each segment were awarded: Philip on Best Table Topics, Shyam on Best Evaluator, and Rashed on Prepared Speech. CJ also bagged the new award which is the Best Segment Host. Elmar was also inducted as new member, and we bid farewell to Anamika.

The 336th meeting was absolutely a fantastic way to celebrate the hot season in this side of the world! Filcomites sure do know how to create a summer to remember!