Sunday, March 25, 2018

327th Meeting: Declutter Your Life

The 327th meeting was certainly an important meeting because not only it was the 16th Anniversary and the Awards’ Night, but also the TMOD, Tag, made sure we went home with yet another gift — to be clutter-free! This clutter doesn’t only refer to physical clutter but the clutters in all aspects of life, whether its mental, social or financial, among others. When we declutter, we can focus on what is important, on what we want to add to our lives; thus, achieving success and happiness.
In the Prepared Speeches, a battle of icebreakers took place. Anamika, Hamad, Anahi & Kit kicked-off their Presentation Mastery journey under the new TM education program, Pathways. Anahi won as the Best Speaker with her speech entitled: From Sashes to Aprons - A Feminist Paradox.
Dr. Farooq led the Table Topics Session with his usual light-hearted approach which made the volunteers Arjay, Rechelle, guests Grace & Santosh graciously accepted the challenge. Among the speakers, Arjay gave the best Table Topic answer.
During the break, the club President, Kit, sliced the cake for everyone to partake in celebration of Filcom’s 16th Anniversary. The awards were also given to members who did an exemplary performance for the toastmaster year 2017-2018.
Lastly, the Evaluation Session was facilitated by Leo. Joseph, Rashed, Nadim and Luis evaluated the prepared speeches & Rashed was voted as the Best Evaluator. Grammarian (Rechelle), Ah Counter (Dale), Timer (Kush) & Table Topics Evaluator (Dennis) also gave their reports before Leo gave his overall evaluation. In summary, Leo said that the meeting was well-conducted & congratulated everyone for making Filcom a President’s Distinguished Club again!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

326th Meeting: Four Seasons

Last Saturday, March 10, Filcomites experienced the four seasons at their 326th meeting led by the Season Master, I mean Toastmaster of the Day, Viji.
The meeting started with Spring by introducing the new educational program. Pathways Ambassador TM Raghavan and Pathways Guide TM Johnny Abu Zeid came to show everyone the bigger, better & easier educational program. Pathways offers 300 competencies as compared to only 60+ competencies in the current program; can reach DTM level faster; and with Base Camp, everything is easily accessible online.
Then, as the meeting progressed to Prepared Speeches, the cold breeze of winter was felt in the room as Fouad delivered a chilling & heart-wrenching story for his 10th project entitled, “Golden Hands, Not Golden Spoon.” He talked about an inspirational story of a Syrian hero & how he lived a meaningful life.
When Jessie stood in front as the Table Topics Master and started asking some challenging questions, it surely marked the start of Fall. Why? Everybody turned pale, like how leaves change its color. But not for Arjay who won the Table Topics with his philosophical answer comparing Summer to happiness and Winter to sadness which reflect the reality of life. Other volunteers were Farooq, Anamika and Diana.
Finally, the Evaluation Session led by Joseph brightened up the room like Summer. Nadim gave an uplifting evaluation; DTM Luis offered specific recommendations on the Table Topics Session; & the role players such as Grammarian (Arjay), Ah Counter (Ganesh) & Timer (Diana) gave valid comments. Overall, the meeting went well. President Kit, VP-Ed Leo, VP-PR Joseph & Treasurer Farooq ended the meeting by reminding everyone on the Division Q Contest on March 30, upcoming Awards Day on the 24th, 2nd Issue of Newsletter & paying of dues.