Monday, September 25, 2017

315th Meeting: Unlimited Connections

The 315th meeting of Filcom is such where the theme was overshadowed by a mark of a true Filcomite. The theme, “Unlimited Connections”, seemed to be “Unlimited Dedication.” To the man behind the theme, Leo, hear me out.

Leo, VP-Education-slash-Toastmaster of the Evening-slash-Educational Module Presenter, did show an unlimited dedication. You see what I did there?  His Plan B, presenting educational modules, after 2 speakers cancelled due to an emergency, proved to be of great help, not only for the newly joined members Dale, Jan & Sarah, but also for the existing members. Leo presented “Meeting Roles and Responsibilities”, while Kit, the impromptu educational presenter & Club President, conducted an interactive session on “Moments of Truth” & the refresher on Easy Speak.

In the Prepared Speech, I, the only speaker, came with a TV set (talk about dedication) for my 1st Speech Project (Straight Talk) for Communicating on Video. I defended why cancelling Maria Sofia Love’s Passport is a drastic move. Special thanks goes to Rechelle and TM Marium who couldn’t come to deliver their speeches. I automatically won the Best Speaker Award. :P

What I liked about the Table Topics Master, Dennis, was how he introduced this 2nd session, Table Topics. Dennis gave vivid examples of situations where a great impromptu speaking skill is truly essential. When you’re in the elevator with your CEO, on-the-spot giving of message in a party you gate-crashed, among others. Because of such motivating intro, participants Nadim, Arjay, Noor, Hamad, Philip & Sarah gave substantial answers. But it was Hamad who was motivated the most and thus received the Best Table Topics Award.

Philip, the King of Comedy, didn’t fail to insert humor in his Evaluation Session. Here, Arjay (Ah Counter), Jessie (Timer), Anil (Grammarian) & Shyam (Table Topics Evaluator) gave their respective reports. And Noor, although the only speech evaluator, deservingly clinched the Best Evaluator Award with her analytical view on Joseph’s presentation.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” That’s how Leo ended the 315th meeting Unlimited Connections which also reflects “Unlimited Dedication.”


Sunday, September 10, 2017

314th Meeting: Winter is coming...

To the avid followers of Game of Thrones, I’m sure the theme gives them delight and the urge to say it outloud, “Winter is coming”, at least 2 or 3 times; whereas others, after walking for only 2 or 3 minutes on the sauna-like streets of Qatar that day, are protesting, “Winter is not coming” anytime soon! I swear I could hear the voices in their heads! But before psychological war ensued, TMOD Dennis Mujana, the culprit, went to the podium and convinced everyone that the theme goes deeper than just about the weather.
“Winter is coming…is not just about the drop of temperature, furry coats and boots & barbeque parties but it is a reminder for us to appreciate Summer while it is here, appreciate the things, the people & everything while we have them.”, said Dennis for an introduction. After that sermon, the meeting became nothing short of fun! Which is usual for a Filcom meeting.
The first part was the Prepared Speeches. TM Jessie definitely painted some mental pictures of giving birth for her Speech Project 4 (How To Say It) entitled “Wonder Woman” followed by TM Fouad’s dexterous use of props including a “microwave” and a jar of water for his Speech Project 8 (Get Comfortable with Visual Aids) entitled “How To Sell Yourself”. The “microwave” had a short circuit with Wonder Woman’s magical rope which was chosen as the best speech for the night.
“What if Winter never comes?”, was one of the questions in the Table Topics Session, 2nd part of the meeting, led by the brilliant Table Topics Master, Nadim. TM Farooq bravely answered the question, but it was TM Tag’s philosophical answer to “Winter is only standing still” that deserved the much coveted ribbon for Best Table Topics Speaker. Other TT speakers that night were TM Omar, TM Fouad and DTM Luis who also gave intelligent answers to their respective queries. This was followed by an Educational Session on Mentoring by TM Joseph Amande.
Finally, down to the last session, Evaluation, the Division Q Program Quality Director, TM Manzoor, served as the General Evaluator. After asking the evaluators’ and role payers’ reports, he went on to say that he was impressed by how the meeting was conducted in a friendly and fun environment quoting Dr. Ralph Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters International, “we learn best in moments of enjoyment.” For this session, DTM Luis was awarded Best Evaluator.