Saturday, April 28, 2018

329th Meeting: Every Ending Is A New Beginning

VP-education Leo led the meeting with the theme: “Every Ending Is A New Beginning”. Whether the ending is good or bad, it will always lead to a fresh start. TMOD Leo inspired everyone to approach endings as opportunities.

The meeting began with the Prepared Speeches. The first two speakers delivered their “debut” (word of the day) speeches, the Ice Breaker. They were Jann Carlo and Afajal. Jann Carlo’s speech entitled “Dream Weaver” was about the Tnalak tribe (weavers) & how they inspired him to weave his own dreams with passion and determination. Afajal, on the other hand, presented his first speech in Presentation Mastery with an amusing story entitled “Happy Questioning”. The other 2 speakers were Anamika and Rashed. Anamika delivered her 2nd speech in Presentation Mastery “Because They Say So” which talked about some superstitious beliefs and how she debunked them to live in the reality. The last speaker TM Rashed took us on a journey to Jordan as he presented his Speech Project 8 in CC manual entitled, “Once Upon A Spring”, which talked about water scarcity.

The second session was the Table Topics session. TM Fouad served as the TT master. He called 5 brave Toastmasters namely Kit, Saif, Rashed,Philip, and Joseph who answered the questions with enthusiasm.

Lastly, the Evaluation session was conducted by TM Saif from JOENG Toastmasters Club. The 4 evaluators (Joseph, Rechell, Philip,and Kit) provided their well-thought-out evaluation for their target speakers. Here, the meeting role players (Grammarian, Timer and Ah Counter) also gave their reports. Overall, the 329th meeting was a success and ended with the traditional, wacky group photo.


Best Speaker: JANN CARLO
Best Table Topics Speaker: RASHEED
Best Evaluator: PHILIP

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

328th Meeting: Living In The Moment

Rechell, the TMOD, led us to “live in the moment” during the 328th meeting of Filcom. When we allowed ourselves to be consciously present in that 2-hour meeting, we forgot about the regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future. As a result, the speakers spoke confidently and everyone enjoyed the meeting. Is Living in the Moment the key to effective public speaking & enjoyment? Well, now we know that it certainly is!

The 3 speakers (Kush, Nadim and Rukhsana) inspired and entertained us with their well-written and powerfully-delivered speeches. Kush & Nadim delivered the 1st speech in the Motivational Strategies, the Ice Breaker. Kush inspired us with his “Chasing Utopia”, while Nadim with his deep-thinking, spiritual nature amused us as he recalled his experiences from his first retreat in Findhorm, Scotland. From the tranquility and heart-warming ice breaker speeches, Rukhsana’s La La Lulu Land suddenly made us burst out in a volley of tittering. And it felt good. The 1st session, Prepared Speeches, was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Serving as the Table Topics Master, Arjay introduced the 2nd session with a twist! He projected a roulette on the screen and each volunteer answered the hashtag it randomly picked (ie. #youonlyliveonce). In this session, 4 volunteers took the challenging spin. They were CJ, Alaa, Dr.Farooq and Afajal who did not only answer the questions, but did so with eloquence and confidence.

And finally, the Evaluation Session was conducted by a champion evaluator, Rashed, who pointed out new ideas that made the meeting successful (ie. Joseph’s personalized introduction of the Ah-Counter role highlighting the benefit of it to improve his listening skill). The evaluators (Anahi, Shyam and Philip) provided their spot-on feedback on the prepared speeches, followed by the role player’s reports. In general, the 328th meeting was well-conducted and well-lived. Kudos to the TMOD and every member and guest who made it all to be yet another special meeting.

- Best Speaker: Kush
- Best Table Topic Speaker: CJ
- Best Evaluator: Shyam