Saturday, August 31, 2019

361st Meeting: WOW FILCOM!

Filcom International TMC
361st Meeting Summary
31 August 2019

Sergeant-At-Arms Vijji jumpstarted Filcom's 361st meeting by sharing the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, President Joseph formally opened the meeting and welcomed our valued guests. He then gave the floor to Arjay as the Toastmaster of the Day, who introduced the theme "WOW Filcom" using his unique and creative approach - deviating from the normal format of every Toastmasters Meeting, Arjay introduced his anchor hosts who assisted him in getting real-time feedback from the audience, Sahar and Joseph. He also introduced the role players for the night: Jessie as Timer, Michelle as Ah-Counter, and Raffy as Grammarian.


Seven brave Filcomites took up the challenge to deliver their respective speech projects in an attempt to “WOW” the audience.
  • Stella in her Ice-breaker Speech "Call Me Names", did not only introduced herself in the club but enthralled everyone with her delivery, poise, and eloquence.
  • Asma, on her inspiring delivery of "The Virtue of Kindness", left the audience in awe of how a simple act of kindness can make a great impact and change in this world.
  • Satish with his speech "Serendipity", painted a vivid picture of how delightful it is to fall in love and come across special and great things unexpectedly.
  • Kushagra amused and entertained the audience with his piece "So, what do you want to be?" Concluding with a heart-warming message, to be whatever you want to become.
  • ”Happy Disaster Day" was Aymans's entry in his High-Performance Leadership 1 Project. He spoke about the pieces of lesson he has learned in his years of experience.
  • Cj’s "Where Leaders Are Made" is his entry for his High-Performance Leadership 1 Project where he shared his plan and vision as the VP for Public Relations of the club for the year 2019 - 2020.
  • Lastly, Leo on his speech “We Did It!”, reenacted the accepting of an award and acknowledging the presenting organization. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him in his term as the club president last Toastmaster Year.


Guest Toastmaster S.K. Naidu took charge in the Evaluation segment. He introduced and called the evaluators Gino, Deepti, Diana, Joseph, Nadim, Mamta, and Damitha. The evaluators delivered their respective evaluation on their assigned speeches. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports, and Guest Toastmaster S.K. Naidu rendered his thorough General Evaluation.


🏆1st Place – Kushagra
🏆2nd Place – Stella
🏆3rd Place – CJ & Satish


🏆1st Place Evaluator – Diana
🏆2nd Place Evaluator – Nadim
🏆3rd Place Evaluator – Damitha

Saturday, August 17, 2019

360th Meeting: The Power Of Small

Joint Meeting of Filcom International TMC & PICE Qatar and Associates TMC
Filcom’s 360th Meeting Summary
17th Aug 2019
“The Power of Small!”

Sergeant-At-Arms TM Fouad started Filcom's 360th meeting by sharing the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, Filcom’s President TM Joseph and PICE's acting president TM Felipe Catinoy formally opened the meeting and warmly greeted all the guests. It was then followed by the grand entry of our vibrant, ever-smiling, enthusiastic toastmaster of the day Diana May. TM Diana turned the 360th meeting 360 degrees with her theme “The Power of Small” not keeping any stone unturned to express her vision behind the theme. She introduced the role players with their three adjectives for the evening: TM Michelle as the Timer, TM Maria Fatima as the Ah-Counter, and TM Gino as the Grammarian.


Four prepared speeches, two from Filcom and two from PICE showcased a well balanced composition of this segment. TMOD with her three adjectives theory introduced each speaker. TM Gregorio broke the ice and lead everyone to the ray of ‘HOPE’. He concluded his speech with a strong message that it’s not your mistake to born poor but it will be your mistake if you die poor. TM Raffy not only broke the ice but also crushed it and smashed it in his mesmerizing style to show us what lies underneath his Fasade. TM Guillermo inspired everyone to Step Up with his unique style. He kept every one wears their thinking hats on till the end. TM Deepti’s speech #thuglife #icytospicydeliciousdwlicacies compelled everyone to look forward to the break to satiate the craving for food.


Table Topics Master TM Alaa conducted the table topics in a very elegant way. Inspiring and thought-provoking questions were faced and rejoindered by Dr. Farooq, Sahar, CJ, Stella, Tag, and willingly.


Our very own Area Director and past President TM Leo delivered an educational session on Meeting Roles and Responsibilities. He explained the anatomy of the club and the Organizational Structure of the Toastmasters. It was quite informative for the members to understand the demands of the roles and responsibilities that they are accountable for as well as for new members to know the face and duty of all the positions in the club.


A stalwart Filcomite DTM Farooq who is always ready to take any challenge head-on took charge of the Evaluation Segment. He introduced and called the evaluators, Rechell, Val, Joseph and Felipe who gave their evaluations on their assigned speeches. Ayman also evaluated the Table Topics Segment and Table Topic Speeches. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and DTM Farooq rendered his GE Report.

🏆Best Speaker – Guillermo
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker – Tag
🏆Best Evaluator – Rechell

Friday, August 16, 2019

New Member Orientation 2019

"No one belongs here more than you" - Brene Brown.

Filcom's New Member Orientation for the year 2019 took place last 16th August 2019 at The French Olive in Al Sadd, 3 pm - 6 pm. The event was spearheaded by Filcom's VP for Membership Rechell Mejoc and was graced by new members and other officers.

Filcom's new members were given all the tools and information that they needed to kick-start their Toastmasters journey. 

All the best Filcomites!