Saturday, September 22, 2018

339th Meeting: Super Power

What comes to your mind when you hear of super power? Superheroes, invisibility, time travel, super speed and super strength - and many more! For Filcom's 339th meeting, Crowne Plaza’s Tafawoq Hall transformed into a superhero headquarters. Filcom Command Center – where super speakers and super leaders are formed and trained. Sergeant-At-Arms Rechell gathered everyone and shared that she looks forward to Toastmasters’ Saturdays. President Leo also built the excitement by officially opening the meeting, and welcomed the guests. Diana, who served as the TMOD presented the meeting theme "Super Power" before introducing the role players.

The 'command center' transfigured into a time machine, unlocking everyone's power to travel to the past and have a peek into lives of three valiant Filcom heroes through their prepared speeches. Sahar exposed her power of courage as she delivered her Ice Breaker speech entitled "Never Give Up". Nadim, on his speech "The Little Mermaid" activated the audience's power to believe in themselves. Leo on the other hand, conveyed the power of knowledge in his informative speech "The Science of WHERE".

Taking charge of the second part of the meeting was Dale who conducted the Table Topics in a fun and lively "Children's Party" way. Obaid, Guest Charbel, Sahar, and Dr. Farooq, chose their party hats with corresponding questions, and delivered their perspectives on such.

VP Education Joseph, gave a substantial and powerful Educational Session as the second part of his series, Stand Tall for Passion: How to Deliver a Compelling Speech.

Leading the third part of the meeting was DTM Dr. Farooq who served as the General Evaluator. Dennis, Jessie, and Rashed acted as the speech evaluators of the prepared speeches, and Dennis on Table Topics. CJ as Timer, Elmar as Grammarian, and Afajal as Ah-Counter, gave their corresponding reports, before DTM Dr. Farooq delivered his GE report.

Best Table Topics: Obaid
Best Evaluator: Rashed
Best Segment Host: Diana
Best Prepared Speech: Nadim

Truly an empowering night as everyone embraced their inner superhero, rediscovering the TRUE SUPERPOWERS that are already in them, such as the power of choice, the power of originality, the power of purpose, creativity, beauty and healing. But the greatest superpower of all?

The power of LOVE.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

338th Meeting: Time In Our Lives

The days are long but the years are short." This is one meaningful quote by Gretchen Rubin. And so, for Filcom's 338th meeting, we took it slow to cherish every passing moment in this time in our lives.

Dennis acted as the Sergeant-At-Arms, and Leo welcomed Filcomites and guests, before handing over the TMOD moment to Anahi.


The prepared speeches segment led us back to a significant time in the lives of our speakers. Elmar, delivered his Ice Breaker speech entitled "Behind The Wheels", and moved everyone with his determination. CJ, for his 5th project on Innovative Planning Path entitled "Google, the Apple, in South Africa", took us to a season in his life where he asked his "why".


The Table Topics session was conducted by Jessie, who brought with her a book of questions! Dennis, Joseph, Sahar, Diana, and Leo experienced the feel of being in the moment by answering interesting, thought-provoking questions and scenarios.


For an even better speech performance and effective meeting in the future, the third segment is quite important. Afajal served as Elmar's evaluator, and DTM Kit for CJ. Rashed evaluated the table Topics, and the role players, Fouad as Grammarian, Ganesh as Timer, and Shyam as Ah-Ciounter rendered their corresponding reports. General Evaluator Rechelle then delivered her evaluation for the whole meeting.

Truly a momentous occasion as we bid farewell and showed our gratitude to DTM Kit, and also welcoming Sahar and Tenny as the newest addition to our Filcom Family.

Best Table Topics: Josh and Diana
Best Evaluator: DTM Kit
Best Prepared Speech: CJ
Best Segment Host: Anahi

Indeed, that as time passes, we forget how many memories we are packing with us. We at Filcom, took our time to pause, be in the moment, be grateful, and enjoy the time in our lives.