Sunday, May 26, 2019

354th Meeting: Mind Your Colleagues

Filcom International TMC
354th Meeting Summary
11 May 2019
Mind Your Colleagues

Sergeant-At-Arms Tenny jumpstarted Filcom's 354th meeting by sharing the club mission and meeting protocol. President Leo followed by formally opening the meeting with a plethora of recognition the club was awarded during DTAC. He then gave the floor to Afajal as Toastmaster of the Day, who introduced the theme "Mind Your Colleagues", presenting different personalities of our co-workers in the office. He also introduced the role players for the night Arjay as Timer, Rechell as Ah-Counter, and Deepti as Grammarian.


Three professional Filcomites took up the challenge to deliver their respective speech projects. Hamad, in his speech "Two Lessons from Kendo", amazed everyone with his Japanese martial art moves and the pearls of wisdom he has learned through it. Bilal, on his powerful delivery of "Be Fit" inspired the audience with his personal journey of fitness and fitting in. Ayman once again entertained the group with his educative speech "Are You H.O.T.?"


Diana served as the Table Topics Master and gave her personal touch to the second part of the meeting. She asked the audience of who amongst them wants to be disturbed in a good way and challenged them to answer thought-provoking-questions. DTM Dr. Farooq, Joseph, Khadar, Guest Francis, and Guest Swetha willingly volunteered and gave their insightful thoughts.


CJ took charge in the Evaluation segment. He introduced and called the evaluators, Manij, Fouad, and Viji, who gave their evaluation on their assigned speeches. Tag also evaluated the table topics segment and the table topic speeches. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and CJ rendered his GE Report.

"We spend most of our time in the workplace and it's important for us to set aside our differences and work together as a team."
- Afajal Ahamad, TMOD | Meeting. No 354

🏆Best Speaker - Bilal
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker – Guest Francis
🏆Best Evaluator – Fouad
🏆Best Segment Host - Diana

353rd Meeting: HappiNews

Filcom International TMC
353rd Meeting Summary
27th April 2019

With a number of consecutive heartbreaking events in the news, it's easy for people to get discouraged. For Filcom's 353rd meeting, our optimism advocate Diana May opted for the theme HappiNews! News that's positive, motivating, and inspiring - to remind us all that a myriad of good things are also happening everywhere!
Gino served as the SAA and gathered everyone to share the club mission and the meeting protocol. He then called on President Leo, who formally opened the meeting, announced some #HappiNews, and introduced Diana as Toastmaster of the Day. The role players for the night also described their roles; Tenny as Timer, Michelle as Ah-Counter, and Leo as Grammarian.


Public Speaking is a remarkable platform to uplift others! And our speakers did exactly that. Dale delivered his speech "A Friendly Advice", speaking of his life experiences and how he realized that comparison is a thief of joy. Manij, inspired by MLK, shared about his hopes and aspirations in his speech "I Have A Dream". Deepti gave an amusing and informative take on her speech project "Conflict Resolution Is First A Mindset Then A Skill Set". Then Cj shared his project plan in his report "Filcom TV". In a variety of ways, these promising Filcomites did more than just speaking - they delivered good, positive, and uplifting messages.


Mehdi served as the Table Topics Master and brought his adorable creativity on the second leg of the meeting. He asked brave members of the audience to speak on what they would do for certain workplace scenarios. Bilal, Sahar, Ayman, DTM Dr. Farooq , and guests gave amusing answers which draw waves of laughter from the audience. This positive experience encourages members to be fearless and in turn, be surprised by what they are capable to say and do.


The heart of the Toastmasters meeting, the Evaluation, was spearheaded by DTM Dr. Farooq. He introduced and called the evaluators, Ayman, ArjayRechell, and Fouad , who gave their evaluation on their assigned speeches. Dennis also evaluated the table topics segment and the table topic speeches. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and DTM Dr. Farooq rendered his GE Report. A good evaluation is vital to inspiring the speakers and role players to maintain their zeal on their roles. It also encourages other members to take up tasks knowing that the club is supportive of growth.

It was indeed a meeting that's merry and bright! With #HappiNews, no one ever hurt their eyes 👀 by looking at the bright side of life! 😉🌞📰

"May our lives be a source of #HappiNews for others to have hope. Let us be the bearer of good news to the world!"
- Diana Tangente, TMOD | Meeting. No 353

🏆Best Speaker - Vidal
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker – DTM Dr. Farooq
🏆Best Evaluator – Rechell
🏆Best Segment Host - Diana

352nd Meeting: Speak It To Win It

Filcom International TMC
352nd Meeting Summary
13th April 2019
Speak It To Win It 🎙️🏆

With a TMOD as vibrant as Arjay, Filcom’s 352nd meeting was nothing short of fun! SAA Manij started the meeting at 7 pm sharp, welcoming everyone as he shared the club mission and meeting protocol. He then called on President Leo, who formally opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. It was followed by Arjay’s animated introduction of the meeting “Speak It To Win It”, which was inspired by a famous game show. He was assisted by the role players for the night, Kynah as Grammarian, Satish as Ah Counter, and Jessie as Timer.


The first segment of the meeting was composed of 4 valiant Filcomites who showcased the true meaning of winning – overcoming their own fears. Being in front of an audience to deliver a speech can be daunting but these Filcomites certainly won this round.

Bilal delivered some strong and important points on how our struggles are simply stepping stones to growth and success, on his speech entitled “Adversity”. He was followed by Sahar’s “Weekend Bliss”, which displayed how her family loves going outdoors, as a way to relax and of course, make memories.
Meanwhile, Ayman, in his speech “You Are Special”, entertained the audience and nourished them with information on leadership styles. Diana, on the other hand, steered everyone to a world of optimism and dreams-coming-true in her inspirational piece “How I See It”.


The second leg of the meeting was headed by Gino, who also transformed the hall to a different game show setting. He challenged the table topics speakers to deliver a speech out of photos that revolve around “The Game of Life”. Out of the audience emerged four bold volunteers - Burhan, Deepti, and Guests Raihan and Ajith, who spoke about their personal experiences relating to their corresponding images.


Mehdi acted as the General Evaluator for the third part of the meeting. He was teamed up by a set of noteworthy evaluators - Joseph, CJ, Fouad, and Guest Kirsty, who all delivered remarkable evaluation on their respective speech assignments.
Thereafter, Leo rendered his evaluation on the table topics speeches, and the segment as a whole. The role players also delivered their insightful reports, before Mehdi gave his General Evaluation.


DTM Dr. Farooq, as the Chairman of the Election Committee for the election proceedings of the next term, presented the Election Committee Report. After the ExCom’s announcements, the winners for each of the segments were acknowledged, followed by the club’s favorite - group photo-taking!

It was indeed a fun-filled night, with interactive and educational games prepared by the TMOD. Arjay gave everyone a spectacular opportunity to speak and conquer fears, accompanied by wrapped gifts and bursts of laughter. Without a doubt, all of Filcom won the night!🎉🎉🎉

"It is through the power of speaking where one can proclaim victory!"
- Arjay Diego, TMOD | Meeting. No 352

🏆Best Speaker - Diana
🏆Best Table Topics Speaker – Guest Ajith
🏆Best Evaluator – CJ
🏆Best Segment Host - Arjay

350th Meeting: Face The Fear

Filcom International TMC
9th March 2019
Face The Fear
350th Meeting Summary
by Dale Bagas

Filcom's 350th meeting redefined fear and tackled how we can overcome it as led by Manij being the TMOD. SAA Ganesh shared the club mission and oriented everyone with the meeting protocol, before calling on Leo, President, who formally opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. TMOD Manij then introduced the meeting theme - how fear could be the bear that may confront us in our doorstep. He then called upon newly inducted members who faced their fears by accepting roles for the night: Gino as Grammarian, Michelle as Ah Counter, and Ayman as Timer.

👊 Conquering Fear 🐻

The first leg of the meeting was the prepared speeches which were made possible by five great brave takers. Khadar delivered his icebreaker "Making A Decision Has No Age Bar" and everyone was awed with stories about himself and his family. Roy, gave his first speech, "One First Comes First" which inspired everyone with the tales of his life. Mehdi, on the other hand, delivered his Competent Communication Manual #4 speech "You Are Late" entertaining everyone with his humorous piece, while Viji gave her Competent Communication Manual #8 speech "Serve Right", discussing about healthy options in cooking. Meanwhile, CJ inspired us in his speech "The key to happiness" where he talked about his own journey in the search for happiness, while Kyna entertained and humored us in her speech “ Travel Buddy”, sharing stories about traveling with a toddler. These Toastmasters, in their courageous act of speaking in front of people, proved us that they can bravely face fear.

👊 Fear of the Unknown 🐻

Table Topics Master Satish spearheaded the second part of the meeting. He prepared creative and innovative way of doing table topics. Arjay, Bilal, Tarani, Tag, and Asmaa were the braves ones who volunteered to face their fear of the unknown.

👊 Guides to Overcome Fear 🐻

TM Dennis led the third part of the meeting, being the General Evaluator. He introduced the evaluators – Joseph, Tenny, Leo, Afajal, Nadim and Rashed, who gave their valuable feedback and recommendations on the corresponding speeches assigned to them. Diana also evaluated the Table Topics, and the role players delivered their respective reports before Dennis conveyed his general evaluation. The evaluators had been our speakers' guide, a torch or light to overcome unfamiliar and scary moments in public speaking.

Towards the end of the meeting, the guests gave their feedback and we're happy to be part of it. It was a meeting filled with brave and courageous speakers, role players, evaluators, and guests. With some fears gone and at bay, the meeting ended with happy and smiling faces.

― Susan Jeffers

Best Speaker - Kynah Genson
Best Table Topics Speaker – Tag Saab
Best Evaluator – Nadim Bitar
Best Segment Host- Manij Lakhey