Saturday, October 27, 2018

341st Meeting: Acres of Diamond

Sharing a special book from his mother, TMOD CJ led the attendees of Filcom's 341st meeting, in a journey towards finding one's treasures. Ganesh, our ever reliable Sergeant-At-Arms set the meeting spirit before handing over the floor to Joseph who welcomed the guests and officially opened the meeting. CJ then presented the meeting theme - Acres of Diamonds (a story of a farmer named Al Hafed), and introduced the role players who will help us in digging the Toastmaster's Gems.


Four thrilling Toastmasters unearthed the first toastmaster gem through their prepared speeches. Ginalyn, fascinated everyone as she shared her aspirations in her ice breaker speech entitled "I've Taken Action". Delivering his second speech is Lotfy who captivated the audience with his engaging thoughts on "Lifetime in a Hearbeat". Meanwhile, Diana for her Level 2 project spoke about leadership and shared her leadership style in her speech "Your President". Jessie on the other hand, gave us a taste of her life as a nurse in her informative and amusing delivery of "Staying Alive".


Uncovering the second toastmaster gem commenced with an educational session given by Rashed, our Table Topics specialist. Shyam headed the table topics session, asking the participants to pick one item in a treasure chest, each has a corresponding question. Nadim picked a bottle of water, Arjay got a watch, Lotfy preferred a candle, and Diana chose a book. Utilizing the techniques and tips from Rashed's talk, these four speakers practiced their thinking prowess and put their personal style in answering Shyam's questions.


Joseph served as the General Evaluator and initiated the discovery of the third toastmaster gem - listening. Everyone used this brilliant, paying attention to the indispensable feedback of Dennis, Nadim, Fouad, and Arjay, to their respective prepared speeches, and Rashed on Table Topics. , Philip as Ah-Counter, Afajal as Grammarian, and Manij as Timer, delivered their role player's report, before Joseph gave his general evaluation of the meeting.

In the book, the farmer Al Hafed left his home and family, in search for diamonds, with the belief that it will make him rich and happy. Sadly, his journey only made him discontent and unhappy, and he died not knowing that the acres of diamonds are right in his own backyard.


"Diamonds in their raw uncut form look nothing than what they look in the shops and that’s the point. Look around you. Look at your relationships, look at your job, look at where you live, and ask yourself. Have I seen all there is to see?" - CJ Rojas

Saturday, October 13, 2018

340th Meeting: The Power of Feedback

Filcom's 340th meeting, a speakathon, highlighted the power of feedback - the heart of Toastmasters. Vidal served as Sergeant-At-Arms, followed by President Leo who opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. Joseph then introduced the meeting theme, as the TMOD.

"Feedback is a gift that we can give and receive. When given effectively, it can transform someone's life. When received with an open mind, it can change how the world views us and can help us get to learning faster."


Six valiant Filcomites took up the challenge to deliver their respective Pathways projects and partake of the power of effective feedback. Lotfy with a speech entitled "Meant to Survive" and Tenny with his speech "Life Doesn't Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change" inspired the audience with their ice breaker speeches. Rechelle, for her second project in the Dynamic Leadership Path, delivered a sentimental piece entitled "Dead Air".

Leo, for his second project in the Strategic Relationships path, had a nostalgic rendition of his "When You Say Nothing At All" speech. Meanwhile, Anahi for her Leadership Development 3 project, presented a realistic take on "Marriage In Times Of Social Media". Fulfilling his Innovative Planning 6 project with the speech "And The Sure Winner Is", CJ introduced a new and fascinating idea raising awareness on deaf-mutism.


General Evaluator Jessie led the evaluation session. Dennis, Diana, Obaid, Fouad, Shyam, and Nadim, rendered their evaluation on their corresponding prepared speeches. Arjay as Grammarian, Vidal (on behalf of Sahar) as Ah-Counter, and Elmar as Timer, delivered their role players' report. Jessie then conducted her overall evaluation of the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, recogniton were awarded to the following:

Evaluation 1st place: Shyam
Evaluation 2nd place: Diana
Evaluation 3rd palce: Obaid

Prepared Speech 1st place: Rechell
Prepared Speech 2nd place: Anahi
Prepared Speech 3rd place: Leo

With new knowledge on giving and receiving effective, responsible feedback, and inspired by remarkable speeches, each Filcomite is a winner for every meeting.

Feedback is a GIFT.
Give it.
Receive it.