Monday, November 27, 2017

319th Meeting: The Art of Leadership

Epic was not just the Word of the Day encouraged to use by the Grammarian, Anahi, but it also perfectly describes the 319th meeting, The Art of Leadership.  TMOD, Fouad Al Fares, opened the meeting with a note on the theme: “Every toastmaster is an artist. When we communicate, we lead and when we lead, we create a compelling connection. This ability to connect is a conglomeration of skills, mastery & passion that can inspire change, creativity and continuous development.”

Coming to the 1st session, Prepared Speeches, all three speakers delivered advanced speech projects. Nadim inspired us to face our fears. Leo entertained us with his “Benchmark of Success” and Kit equipped us with his technical talk on the Web Resources for Toastmasters. Nadim won as the Best Speaker.

For Table Topics, Philip gave the questions to 5 confident volunteers namely Jessie, Ganesh, Kavitha, Jan & Luis.  Ganesh won the audience with his impeccable answer.

Finally, Viji led the Evaluation Session. For the evaluation of the prepared speeches, Dennis, Luis and Joseph gave valid points on the strengths and areas for improvement of the speakers and offered specific recommendations on how to improve. Joseph was awarded as the Best Evaluator. This was followed by the reports of the Table Topics Evaluator (Farooq), Timer (Jessie), Ah Counter (Jan) & Grammarian. Viji concluded it by commending the club with another fun and epic meeting!

Next meeting is on December 9, 2017. See you!

Monday, November 20, 2017

318th Meeting: Filcom Goes Broadway

Have you ever attended a Toastmasters meeting where the TMOD was singing instead of speaking? I bet, never! Last November 11, Filcom went musical and Arjay, the TMOD, did not only lead the meeting well, but boy did he also entertain us with his captivating voice!
Arjay opened the meeting by singing Seasons of Love from the Broadway musical, Rent. It caught our attention and made us feel excited about the meeting. Even the role players got carried away and tried singing what their roles meant. It was hilarious!
For the Part 1 of the meeting, Prepared Speeches, Viji delivered an inspirational speech for her Speech Project 5 entitled, When Life Gives You Lemons. Leo’s speech on the other hand was technical as he spoke about Geospatial Revolution. And lastly, Joseph’s The Great Vibration of Life was rather dramatic. The inspirational speech won!
The Table Topics Session, 2nd segment, was led by our resident Life Coach, Tag. Her challenging questions did not deter the volunteers though. Guest, Joyffin, said she has fear in Public Speaking only to end up being the winner!
Lastly, the Evaluation Session was led by Philip and it was filled with new insights from the evaluators Nadim, Luis & Kit. Luis’ evaluation of Viji’s speech garnered the most number of votes for Best Evaluation.
Overall, the meeting was fun and surely a memorable one. The next question is, what else can Filcomites do? Dance? Who knows?