Saturday, November 24, 2018

343rd Meetting: And The Winner Is..

Setting the aura in a high and winning spirit, SAA Diana called the meeting to order at exactly 7:00pm. She then set the floor and introduced the always-ready-to-serve President Leo who warmly welcomed the guests and opened the meeting. TMOD Jessie then presented the meeting theme “And the winner is...”, and introduced the role players.

Four unwavering toastmasters delivered their prepared speeches. With an ice breaker speech entitled “Beginning of an Unlikely Journey”, Abigail proved that in spite of her shyness she has something to offer. Another ice breaker speech conveyed by Manij, “Bizarre and My curiosity” talked about his interesting passions such as studying astrology. The third speaker Lotfy, with his inspiring speech “Heal the Path” put us in serenity and mindfulness. Further, Leo delivered a very informative technical presentation speech project four (Presenting a Technical Paper) that showed us about the diving spots in the Philippines entitled “The SISID Project”

Fouad led the table topics session starting off with questions that tested our courageous 4 toastmasters who accepted the challenge namely Lotfy, Brimesh, Afajal and Josh who proved that sharing insights is not that scary, but actually quite fun.
After the meeting we had an interesting game led by our toastmaster of the day Jessie to check how strong toastmasters’ teamwork is; how they effectively communicate and understand each other without saying a word. After all non-verbal language is also a powerful way conveying a message.

Here comes the heart of a toastmaster’s journey, the feedback time where 5 of our distinguished evaluators: Afajal, Rechell, Rashed, Dennis and Arjay had given their constructive evaluations on their respective speakers led by the general evaluator Philip.

Role players Ginalyn (Timer), Joseph (Grammarian), Tenny (Ah Counter), delivered their reports towards the end of the session while Philip had his share of the overall evaluation of the meeting.
And the winners are:
Best Speaker: Lotfy
Best Table Topic Speaker: Josh
Best Evaluator: Rashed
Best Segment Hosts: Jessie & Philip

“All of us are winners, however, winning isn’t about the reward. It is about the journey we go through to get to where we want to be. The stumbling blocks that we faced no matter what the results are, to keep fighting is what matters; that alone made us winners.”

Saturday, November 10, 2018

342nd Meeting: Sharing Is Caring

Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.
- Lailah Gifty Akita

Filcom's 342nd meeting was indeed a night full of sharing - of wisdom, experiences, and fun. Sgt-At-Arms Elamar gathered everyone and handed over the floor to President Leo who officially opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. Dennis who served as the Toastmaster of the Day shared some anecdotes and presented the meeting's theme, before he introduced the role players: Jessie as Grammarian, Azhar as Ah-Counter, and Abigail as Timer.

Three story-sharers adorned the meeting with their prepared speeches. Rechelle on her second rendition of her speech "Dead Air" did not fail to move the audience with her heartwarming speech. Diana, fulfilling her second project for Level 2 with her speech "The Happiness Advantage", gave a refreshing take on the relationship of happiness and success. CJ, soared high like an eagle on his speech entitled "Fly High, Land Low", capping off his Level 2 in Pathways.

Table Topics Master Lotfy brought with him some colored index cards and asked questions with reference to the psychology of colors. The challenge-takers who shared their wisdom on different subjects were Arjay, Diana, and Tag.

The heart of every Toastmaster meeting - the evaluation segment, was led by Philip. Evaluators Joseph, Nadim, and Fouad shared their feedback and recommendations on the respective speeches assigned to them. Shyam also gave his valuable thoughts on the Table Topics session and speeches, before Philip delivered his General Evaluation.

With 4 new members inducted, Lotfy, Azhar, Manij and Abigail, there is certainly more to share and be shared in Filcom. The meeting ended well with everyone sharing a part or two of themselves in any way possible, time, talent, and piece of their lives.

"Why are you in Toastmasters? Perhaps you don't know this, but you are here TO SHARE." 💕
-       TM Dennis Mujana
TMOD, Sharing is Caring