Saturday, December 14, 2019

369th Meeting: Unstoppable

Filcom International TMC
369th Meeting Summary
14th Dec 2019

Filcom International Toastmasters Club's 369th meeting echoed the precept "Show must go on". It was the last meeting of 2019. The onset of Christmas Vacation enthusiastic Filcomites made meeting a great success. Sergeant-At-Arms Fouad started Filcom's 369th meeting by reading out the club mission and meeting protocol. Right after, President Dennis formally opened the meeting and warmly greeted the guests. Then the floor was handed over to Diana, Toastmaster of the day. Diana introduced the theme "Unstoppable” and encouraged everyone to offload all the things that are stopping them to move ahead before flying into 2020. Diana introduced the role players for the night: Manij as the Timer, Khader as the Ah-Counter, and Swetha as the Grammarian.


Two Filcomites took over the reins of this segment, Stella showcased a powerful body language while presenting her speech "What if?" Deepti presented her last project speech from the path Persuasive Influence and shared her experience by reflecting on her path.


Abbie took the baton of Table Topic Session. Six people proactively took up the challenge of this impromptu speaking session including 2 guests.


Philip as the General Evaluator introduced and called the evaluators, Joseph and Nadim who gave their evaluations on their assigned speeches. Alaa gave a rapid evaluation of Table Topics. Thereafter, the role players delivered their reports and Philip rendered his GE Report.

🏆Best Speaker – Stella
🏆Best Evaluator – Alaa
🏆Best table topics speaker - Sukash (guest)

Saturday, December 7, 2019

368th Meeting: Face It!

Filcom International TMC
368th Meeting Summary
07th December 2019
“Face it!”

Filcom International Toastmasters Club 368th Meeting with a theme; Face it!, was hosted by Swetha Raghuraman who encouraged everyone to face their fears. 💪🥰🎁🎄

Deviating from the usual set-up, Filcom held the meeting in the lovely and warm residence of Nadim Bitar who opened his doors to every Filcomite with an accommodating welcome.
Filcomites never run out of reasons to celebrate! 🎄🎁🎉

Filcomites Year-end Celebration was a blast! An array of delectable food, a smorgasbord of drinks, great ambiance and music, and most of all fun and family-like company made every Filcomite enjoyed the night.

"We are not just a club, we are a family!"